2009 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our GOSCON 2009 "Excellence Awards for Open Source Business Use in Government". The awards recognize government employees who have made significant accomplishments in the application of Open Source Technology to meet government business or mission requirements.  Thank you to all who submitted, we had a wonderful response and congratulate you all for the innovative, resourceful and valuable work represented by the dozens of nominations received.

The GOCON 2010 Agency Awards will open for nominations in August of 2010.

Award Category Nominee Government Organization
1. Lowering the Cost of Government (Federal) Philip M. Heneghan U.S. Agency for International Development
Description:   Develop the capability to manage suspicious network activity with custom-built network sensor appliances worldwide. Using open source software the U.S. Agency for International Development is able to centrally manage network sensors in over 70 countries to monitor network traffic for anomalous or suspicious activity.
2. Transparency in Government (Federal) Department of Interior National Business Center (DOI NBC) Department of Interior National Business Center (DOI NBC)
Description:  Department of Interior National Business Center (DOI NBC) provides transparency for the procurement intake process through the Acquisition Services Directorate Electronic Servicing Environment (AQD ESE). ESE is an application for AQD contracting officers and program offices to electronically collaborate using Web 2.0 components for the procurement intake process.
3. Engaging Citizens (to include Collaboration and Openness) Dr. Stephen Balakirsky, Mr. Fred Proctor, Mr. Joe Falco National Institute of Standards and Technology
Description:  Through the USARSim and MOAST open source projects, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is promoting performance evaluation and benchmarking for robot systems and facilitating innovations in robotics. These tools and the open source approach have greatly enhanced and streamlined the robotics development process as evidenced by over 50,000 downloads, collaboration among fifteen developers and over 100 users, and two major international robotics competitions based upon the software.
4. Innovation (Federal) Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions
Description:  The Intelligence Community, its customers and partners face a complex array of challenges and opportunities.  Achieving a greater degree of collaboration and information sharing across the Intelligence Community and its partners is one of the most important management and technological challenges.  The Intelink common/shared services approach represents a key opportunity in responding to that challenge.
5. Safe Computing Environment (Federal) The OpenFISMA Interagency Initiative Interagency: agriculture, education, FDIC
Description:  The OpenFISMA initiative is an open source software development effort led by the Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Department of Agriculture. Originally developed at Federal Student Aid, OpenFISMA enabled a 700% increase in the number of vulnerabilities processed each quarter, despite a nearly 50% decrease in FTEs assigned to vulnerability closure.
6. Special Business orMission Requirements (Federal) Richard Nelson DISA Personnel Systems Support Branch
Description:  Over the course of the last few years, Richard Nelson and his team have been building and enhancing DISA’s Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS), a Web-based Federal workforce management, workflow, and administrative software suite with more than 50 applications and tools to automatically manage human resource, training, security, acquisition and related functions. In 2009, believing that all government agencies and industry, academia, and the Open Source community could benefit from the solution, DISA established a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Open Source Software Institute, taking an unprecedented step to make OSCMIS available to the public while protecting Federal intellectual property for the good of all.
7. Health Information Systems Using Open Source Technology Award COL Christopher Harrington Defense Health Services Systems
Description:  COL Christopher Harrington, Deputy Program Manager of the Defense Medical Logistics Standards Support application is being nominated for the widespread and effective utilization of open source software products in the development and management of mission critical healthcare and medical services systems. This strategy of integrating "best of breed" open source and proprietary software has resulted in significant cost savings, an improved security posture, and flexibility in the continued evolution of defense medical logistics systems supporting the warfighter worldwide.
8. "Other" Category - Major Accomplishments and Contributions to the Management of Open Source Technology in the Federal Government. to be announced at event

9. Open Source in State Government Lois M. Haggard, PhD New Mexico Department of Health
Description:  he Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health (IBIS-PH) provides easy, flexible access to public health information, including custom queries and data visualization. Five states have publicly deployed IBIS-PH to date, and a growing Community of Practice enhances and supports the software.
10. Open Source in Local Government Jay Nath City & County of San Francisco, Dept. of Technology
Description:  Jay Nath launched DataSF (www.datasf.org) using Pligg ,an open source CMS application, to support transparency in government by releasing City & County data sets. We are using WordPress to showcase the apps that were built by the community using the data sets from DataSF (http://datasf.org/showcase/).