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GOSCON 2009 Archive | Sessions
Keynote Sessions
Breakfast Keynote: Mr. David M. Wennergren, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management and Technology / Deputy Chief Information Officer US Department of Defense
Lunch Keynote: Dr. David G. Boyd, Ph.D., Director, Command, Control and Interoperability Division Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Management Track
  • Open Source Basics for Management:
Open Source 101 for Managers
David A. Wheeler & Greg Pryzby
Organizational Readiness: Skillset, Migration, Stakeholders
Heather Burke
Evaluating the Total Cost of Open Source
Doug O’Flaherty  
  • Management and Evaluation of Open Source Projects:
Who do I call? Understanding the IT Ecosystem
Greg DeKoenigsberg, Tim Bertrand
Sustainability of Open Source
Keith Bergelt
  • Procurement and Acquisition of Open Source Software:
Open Source as an Agency Strategy
Vish Sankaran, Bill Vass
Procuring an Open Source Project
David A. Wheeler, Sue C. Payton
  • Legal Issues around Open Source - Using, Sharing and Releasing:
Legal Issues with Open Source Software
Bryan Geurts
Releasing Open Source Software to Other Agencies and the Public
Bryan Geurts, Van Lindberg, Vicki E. Allums
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  • Does Government Need a Shared Development Platform? (Panel)
    Rob Vietmeyer, Neil Bonner
Open Source in the Mission Track
  • Mission Ignite: An Ignite session of Examples of Open Source Supporting Agency Missions
    Dalroy Ward, Eric Gundersen, Martha Chaconas, Guy Martin, Russell Oneill, Shahid N. Shah, Daniel E. Chandler
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  • Open Source in Mission Critical Operations (Panel)
    John Scott, Rob Wolborsky, Paul D. Schoen, Don Burke, Martin Stadtler
            Download     Open Source in MIssion Critical Operations
  • Open Source's Critical Role when Data must be Shared
    Isaac Christoffersen, Quyen L. Nguyen , Jerry Johnston, Tom MacWright
  • Open Source in Public Safety and Healthcare
    Roger A. Maduro, David Riley, Nancy E. Anthracite, M.D., Dwayne Peeples
  • Open Source Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
    John Keese
Open Technology Forum Track
  • Open Source in the Cloud
    Peter J. Tseronis, Mark Ryland, Dr. David McQueeney, Brian Stevens, Henry J. Sienkiewicz  
 Download     Open Source in the Cloud
  • Security Experts on Open Source
    Karl MacMillan, Daniel Risacher, Daniel Walsh, John Banghart, Steve Battista

  • Migrating your Agency to Open Systems to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risks
    Chris Runge, Leo Pleiman , MaryAnn Becker, Daud Santosa
  • Open Source Middleware
    Dan Henley, Paul Loeffler, Richard Im, Michael Howard, Raja Gudepu