Open Data Summit

Open Data Summit | Government Standards Discussion

An OpenGovWest Event

OpenGovWest is a project of Knowledge as Power.

Date: October 26, 2010

Time: 12 noon - 5 PM

Location: Oregon State Unversity Foundation Portland Center, Union Bank of California Tower, 707 SW Washington St., Suite 500, Portland

Capacity: 30

Registration is required for the Open Data Summit. You can request an invitation from OpenGovWest.

Details and Agenda

Who Should Participate

IT managers for governments, CIOs, government clerks, policy staff, communications staff, those involved with programs, open government leadership, academics,  government-related app or online service developers. All levels and areas of government welcome.

Registration Fees

  • $39 Governments, nonprofits, academics, students
  • $70 Companies, agents of companies.

Cost includes catered lunch, beverages, discussion materials.


12-1 PM:  Lunch served. From 12:30 - 1 PM, Sarah Schacht will treat us to a presentation on International Standards.

The European Union, African nations, and Asian nations are moving towards exporting their documents and data in a common format, called Akoma Ntoso. Other standards, including Dublin Core, are allowing governments to not only standardize process-oriented tagging (sections, bill ids, etc.) of their documents, but also the functional information within each document (sponsors, actions taken, etc.).

1-1:15 PM: Break

1:15-2 PM: Emerging trends in data and document standards in the US & Canada Round table discussion. 

Talk with CIOs and open government organizations about what a growing number of governments are moving towards. Lessons on adoption of standards, challenges ahead.

2-2:15 PM: Break

2:15-3:15 PM: Challenges & opportunities for coordinating standards Round table discussion. 

Four panelists, with plenty of audience interaction, discuss the current challenges (funding, leadership support, vendor dependency, institutional knowledge) that may be holding our governments back from standardizing and opening our data and documents.  What opportunities are there to standardizing the information of our governments? Are there cost-savings that could be leveraged? Could it easy sunshine law compliance? What would be the impact on citizens or the internal processes of government?

3:30-4:30 PM: Standardization pilot projects Facilitated discussion

Three speakers with standardization project ideas will each have five minutes to begin a discussion of pilot project ideas. Participants will break into small groups and discuss these and other ideas for first-step pilot projects which could be a catalyst for data and document standardization across participating governments Facilitator will work with participants to find three projects to launch.

4:30-4:35 PM: Break

4:35-5:00 PM: Facilitated Social Event

Find partners, resources, and relationships for standardization work.  Issue an all-call for partners, share tools you like, find tools you need, ask for advice, give advice, etc. 

5:00 PM: Summit adjourns.

Attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend the GOSCON Meetup at the Library Room of the Nines Hotel.

This is a space limited event, please request an invitation to join the discussion via the OpenGovWest web site.


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