Executive Open Data Roundtable: The State of Open Government

Session time: 

GOSCON 2010’s Executive Open Data Round Table will feature state, city and federal leadership exploring the successes and challenges of the open government directive, its influence on state and local government operations, and the role of open source software therein. Attendees will hear from cities, states and agencies who are launching their “Open” initiatives as they discuss their successes and challenges. Panel participants will include:

  • Marion A. Royal, Program Director, data.gov, Agency Expert, Office of Citizens Services and Innovative Technology, General Services Administration 
  • Andrew Hoppin, Chief Information Officer, New York State Senate
  • Carolyn Lawson Dep. Director, Technology Services Governance Division, State of California
  • Dugan Petty, Chief Information Officer, State of Oregon.
  • Mark Greinke, Chief Technology Officer, City of Portland, Oregon

Andy Stein, Director of Information Technology for the City of Newport News, Virginia and long-time GOSCON Conference Committee member, will moderate the panel. In October, 2008, Andy was named to the volunteer post of Senior Advisor to Aneesh Chopra, then Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia on Open Collaboration. In May, 2009, Andy was named on the Government Technology list of 2009 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers.