How to Root Your Agency

Session track:

This panel will be comprised the NY State Senate CIO, Andrew Hoppin, and representatives of his staff. For the first 30 mins, Mr. Hoppin and his staff will summarize the incredible story of NY State Senate's transformation from one of the most secretive and inaccessible legislatures in the country to one of the few shining lights on the FOSS/GOV2.0/OpenGov hill. In this brief conversation, Senate staffers will highlight open source software deployed (OpenLegislation, Drupal, CiviCRM, Redmine, BillBuzz, etc.) and support infrastructure. Additionally, they detail the NY Senate became the first US Legislative body to adopt Creative Commons as the default copyright license and why they dual license all of their internally built software code as BSD and GPL v.3. The NY Senate CIO and staff will talk about the influence of the FOSS philosophy impact on the architecture of the Senate’s most transformative applications: OpenLegislation, Android app, iPhone and iPad apps. For the last 20 mins, the team will host a Question and Answer session.