Reducing the taxpayer's burden with open source

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Although the global recession is easing, budgets are still not what they once were – both at home and in the government sector. It is more important than ever to spend tax revenues wisely, and government agencies are finding they can no longer write a blank check to cover their technology needs. Instead, they require solutions that help manage all their problems while being open, flexible and cost-effective. Forward-thinking agencies are turning to open source solutions to help meet their needs in the new economy. Emma McGrattan, senior vice president of engineering for Ingres, will discuss: · A native of Ireland, Emma will share first-hand the successful partnership Ingres has built with the Ireland’s Office of Revenue Commissioners which is responsible for collecting taxes and duties and enforcing customs control. Together Ingres and Revenue were able to ensure high availability and high performance from its mission-critical computer systems while at the same time reducing the taxpayer’s burden. · How migrating to an open, flexible database solution helped the agency achieve savings of 25% over its previous solution and a reduction in operational and maintenance costs. · A detailed overview of how governments can reduce its costs with open source implementations, freeing up taxpayer money for initiatives that have a direct impact on the community.