Andrew Hoppin

Chief Information Officer
New York State Senate
Recently named 2010 New York State Public Sector CIO of the Year, Andrew Hoppin is the first-ever CIO of the New York State Senate. His award-winning "Open Senate" initiative developed and deployed a range of Gov 2.0 technologies to help transform an institution that was widely regarded as dysfunctional in 2008 into one of the most transparent, efficient, and participatory elected bodies in the country today. “Open Senate," comprised of participatory websites and mobile apps for all 62 Senators and more than 40 Senate Committees and data portals for publishing and receiving public comment on all Senate administrative and legislative data, is based entirely on open-source software, open data standards, and cloud-based-hosting services that minimized the cost of these innovations. Previously, Andrew co-founded the NASA CoLab program at NASA Ames  Research Center, which increased efficiency and transparency at NASA by building new partnerships between NASA and external communities of practice.  Andrew has also founded several startup technology companies and has served as a strategy consultant, Advisor, or Board member for leading technology and progressive organizations such as the CivicCommons, the Craigslist Foundation, Netroots Nation, the Space Generation Advisory Council, and the New Organizing Institute. Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Brown in Planetary Sciences, and from UC Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy & Management.