Malcom Sloan

Fusion System Program Manager
Tennessee Department of Safety, Office of Homeland Security

Malcolm Sloan serves as the Program Manager for the Fusion System Development Group at the Tennessee Fusion Center. The Fusion Center is a joint effort between the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Department of Safety's Office of Homeland Security. The Fusion Center brings together many of disciplines within law enforcement, special tasks forces and representatives from federal agencies for the detection, prevention or disruption of criminal activities, especially those activities with a nexus to terrorism. Malcolm has served as Program Manager since December of 2006 during which time his team has developed a multi-phase development strategy to address the required baseline capabilities of a Fusion Center as outlined by the Department of Homeland Security. To date, his team has established a comprehensive criminal information sharing repository currently fed by over 350 Law Enforcement agencies in Tennessee and accessed by over 400 state and federal agencies. He chairs the TFC Technical Working group which develops functional guidance for the System Development group. He co-chairs the Southern Shield Technical Working Group, a consortium of southern eastern states focused on information sharing and intelligence production. Prior to joining the TFC, his duties included Information Systems Operations Manager overseeing the daily activities of multi-faceted data center, Systems Implementations Manager leading an ERP II implementation team and Corporate Liaison Officer developing long range systems plans for TEXTRON.