Noel "Noneck" Hidalgo

Director of Technology Innovation
New York State Senate CIO's Office

Currently, Noel Hidalgo is working to update the New York State Senate's technology infrastructure and helping the public understand the power of an open, transparent, and efficient legislature though Mr. Hidalgo has spent several years exploring the interaction between innovative technologies, the public's interaction with government, and community building activities. He's traveled the world documenting communities that live off of the Internet via  and has used digital media to lifecast the process of becoming a New York City Yellow Cab driver. With Students for a Free Tibet, he helped expose China's broken Olympic promises and was detained and subsequently deported. During 2008, he helped crystalize a political video remix culture at, contributed to an election monitoring system built on Twitter at Twitter Vote Report. In 2005, he helped organize the New York City Drupal community, and in 2006, he helped establish Williamsburg Coworking at The Change You Want to See, an alternative working community in Brooklyn. Mr. Hidalgo is an Eagle Scout, advocate for human powered transport, collegiate dropout, news junky, former Salzburg Seminar Instructor and a member of the British Council's Transatlantic Network 2020.