International Open ICT Summit

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Monday, October 20, 2008
Webcast (GLobal Dialog) starts at noon Washinton DC time.

Keynote: Mr. Timothey Ney, Co-Founder, Linux Greenhouse

“A Global Perspective on the Interest and Impact of Open Source Software in National, Regional Governments”

Morning  Event: Special Global Video Conference

"Global Dialogue on the Impact of Open Source Software in Transforming Government"

Hosts: Oregon State University Open Source Lab and World Bank Global ICT

From Portland/Goscon:

•    Tim Ney, co-founder, Linux Greenhouse
•    Andy Stein, City of Newport News, Virginia
•    Mel McIntyre, OpenForum Europe

International Distributed Panel

•    From Brazil:  Marcos Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni
•    From Sri Lanka:  Shahani Weerawarana, PhD
•    From Washington DC:  Samia Melhem, Chair eDevelopment Thematic Group
•    From Russia: Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Institute for Information Society, Russia
•    Senegal and Rwanda: audience

Afternoon Presentations

•    Latin American Free Software Movement
•    Japan National “OSS Open Lab”
•    European / Continental  - OpenFourm Europe
•    Japan Regional “Ruby City MATSUE Project”

Purpose: To gather together an international governmental group for presenting and discussion open source software activities in their locales.  Presentations will include topics such as

•    Description of current activities and initiatives in their locale
•    Rationale or motivations behind the use of open source software
•    Policy development
•    Economic development
•    Models for Public/Private Collaboratives

Intended Audience: Senior level Information and Communication Technologies management, strategists, policy analysts and others interested in high-level briefings of public sector activities.

Context: The International ICT Summit is Day one of the fourth annual Government Open Source Conference, established to provide an educational forum for government IT executives and their key staff to understand both the business case and practical application for open source software Attendees participate to establish relationships for collaboration around shared interests.  More recently its participants have included increase participation from outside the US and have requested more information sharing amongst government entities at the policy level, thus the Open ICT Summit was formed.

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA

Keynote Biography: Timothy Ney is well-known and respected for his advocacy of digital access, as well as his extensive knowledge of open source licensing and business models.  As co-founder of the Linux Greenhouse, which nurtures collaborative innovation in the private and public sectors, he has advised governments in Brazil, Chile, Korea and Spain on IT strategy.  He served as executive of the GNOME and Free Software foundations, where he grew the impact of those organizations around the world.  He fostered corporate involvement with open source, convening the first seminar for corporations on the General Public License (GPL) at MIT and advising the team that introduced Nokia's Internet tablet to the developer community.

Conference Background: GOSCON and it Summit is produced and hosted by Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab as part of its mission to educate and build community. The OSL hosts many significant open source software projects such as the Linux Foundation and master kernel, Apache, Debian, Gentoo, Drupal, Plone and many others.  In 2005 a Public Sector program was established to educate and share information amongst governmental organizations and others.  The Government Open Source Conference was thus established.

“The expansion of GOSCON to include an International Open ICT Summit is a timely and highly welcome step in an effort to harness practical knowledge, experiences, and best practices of eGovernment initiatives that have leveraged open ICTs.”
Dr. Shahani Markus Weerawaran