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TriMet's Open Movement

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Over the past seven years, TriMet has saved significant costs by exploring open source alternatives to every new technology system.  Comparisons of open source software side by side with proprietary solutions against the requirements facilitated a clear solution that was sometimes proprietary but increasingly open.more...

How to Root Your Agency

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This panel will be comprised the NY State Senate CIO, Andrew Hoppin, and representatives of his staff. For the first 30 mins, Mr. Hoppin and his staff will summarize the incredible story of NY State Senate's transformation from one of the most secretive and inaccessible legislatures in the country to one of the few shining lights on the FOSS/GOV2.0/OpenGov hill. In this brief conversation, Senate staffers will highlight open source software deployed (OpenLegislation, Drupal, CiviCRM, Redmine, BillBuzz, etc.) and support infrastructure.more...

The Civic Commons: Code Sharing Between Cities

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Every city performs much the same functions for its citizens. Yet there is massive duplication of spending by cities as each builds its own applications and platforms. Washington DC Chief Technology Officer Bryan Sivak, OpenPlans’ Director Nick Grossman and Code for America's Technical Director, Dan Melton, discuss their new initiative for code-sharing between cities, states, and government agencies.more...

Efficiency? Lower Cost? Innovation?: What Does Linux and Open Source Mean to the Public Sector CIO in 2010?

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For many governmental CIOs in 2010, Linux equals a faster path to gaining greater efficiencies in their data centers. For others, Linux provides the foundation of a growing list of options as to how to supplement their capacity (e.g. infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, or software as a service providers). This talk will cover an update of the impact of Linux and Open Source in the data center and what that means to the typical Public Sector CIO in 2010 and beyond.

The Naval Postgraduate School adoption of Sakai

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In early 2009, the Naval Postgraduate School began an 18-month migration away from its commercial learning management system onto the open source Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment. By leveraging an open source LMS solution and eventually adopting the open source portal technology LifeRay as well NPS was able to lower operational costs by 45% while improving the level of service to its faculty and staff.more...

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